Senior Transport

Coming in 2017, and all new valued service from Faithful Delivery Services.

If your parents or grandparents have given up the car keys, you may find yourself taking time off work to shuttle them to medical appointments, grocery shopping and other places. That can be tough when you have a busy life and family of your own...

Whenever your loved one needs transportation in the Tampa Bay area, we will be able help. Our incidental transportation services get your loved ones to and from many types of needed services.

Our professional drivers will be able to do more than don't just drop off and pick up your elder family members. We are looking at specialized training for your loved ones to assist in getting ready, accompany them and provide any assistance required at their destination and back.  Services that we are looking to provide could even include putting supplies away after trip to the store.

Services that FDS is planning on launching in 2017.  Note, this is not a final list as we are evaluating the markets needs.

  • Medical appointments and supporting needs
  • Shopping Needs
  • Hairdresser/barber appointments
  • Religious services, concerts, plays, lectures
  • And more...

Please inquire if you have any such needs and we will be able to let you know when services become available.

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